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Vein Treatment

Nearly 50 percent of America's adult population suffers from unattractive and sometimes painful vein diseases. The problems associated with varicose and spider veins can be more than skin deep. In some cases, they can cause serious health problems.

The board-certified vascular specialists at Premier Vein Clinics understand the causes of vein issues and how to treat them effectively. There are very few side effects to treatment, and you can resume regular activities immediately following treatment.

Treatment of vein problems has been revolutionized through the advancement of laser technology. Lasers are safely and effectively used to perform a number of procedures ranging from cosmetic, non-invasive treatments to advanced treatments for complex vein disease.

What are Varicose Veins?Vein Valves

Healthy leg veins contain valves that keep blood flowing in one direction. Varicose veins result from vavles that do not close properly. Accumulated blood may force the vein to bulge, leading to symptoms of swelling, pain or ulcers. If not treated, symptoms can worsen over time.


Women and men can safely be treated, and individuals with light and dark complexions can benefit from laser therapy. Individuals that are generally not candidates include those who:

  • take blood thinners
  • have serious illnesses
  • have dark suntans
  • are photosensitive
  • have bleeding disorders
  • take photosensitizing medications


Proper diagnosis is critical to effective remedy. Premier Vein Clinics uses an ultrasound procedure known as duplex vein scanning to identify and assess abnormal valve function in the veins. This diagnostic test is a necessary step for the best long-term cosmetic and therapeutic results. It takes less than an hour and is covered by most insurance companies.

Treatment Options

Sclerotherapy is an in-office, minimally invasive procedure in which both small and large spider veins are injected with a solution that causes them to swell, collapse and fade away. It is relatively painless and can be performed in under an hour. The number of treatments needed varies based on the severity of the problem.

Before leg

Before Treatment


After leg

After Treatment

Ambulatory Phlebectomy is a procedure developed in Europe for the treatment of medium to large veins. It can be performed through pinhole incisions using local anesthetic. This in-office, minimally invasive procedure requires little or no down time and can be used in conjunction with sclerotherapy.

Endovenous Laser Therapy is a non-invasive treatment for larger veins. Laser energy delivered through a small puncture in the leg is used to treat the diseased vein. There is no surgery, and only a local anesthetic is applied. The procedure is performed in the office in about an hour, and patients typically resume regular activity within a day.