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Founded in 1996, Premier Surgical Associates is the largest General and Vascular Surgery group in East Tennessee. From simple to complex, our board-certified physicians perform a variety of General, Vascular, Bariatric, Surgical Oncology and Plastic Surgery Procedures.



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Common Causes of Appendicitis

Common Causes of AppendicitisAn appendicitis occurs when the appendix, a small pouch-like organ attached to the intestine, becomes inflamed. It often occurs to a blockage within it. Sometimes this is an acute condition requiring immediate help to avoid the appendix...

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Removing the Threat of Thyroid Cancer

Fellowship-trained Surgical Oncologist Treats Thyroid Cancer After a career in the United States Air Force, Jesus Navarro has developed a can-do and will-do attitude. If something needs to be taken care of, he gets the job done. So it’s no surprise he was stoic when...

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What Are Anal Skin Tags and Should They be Removed?

How anal skin tags are formed?A lot of our clients at Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Knoxville have questions and concerns about anal skin tags. What are they? And how are they formed? Anal skin tags are benign (noncancerous) skin growths that form around the...

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