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Surgical expertise
you can trust.

Premier Surgical Associates is the Knoxville region’s largest, most experienced, surgical group, specializing in general, vascular, bariatric, surgical oncology, and laparoscopic procedures.


General & Vascular Surgery
Acid Reflux, Breast, Hemorrhoid, Hernia, Gallbladder, Thyroid Disease, Surgical Oncology, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Vascular Access, Vascular Surgery & Varicose Veins


Premier Vascular &
Vein Center

Pain? Swollen legs? Our board-certified vascular surgeons can help restore healthy, great looking legs in about an hour. And, it’s covered by most insurance companies!


Foothills Weight Loss

Since 2002 Foothills Weight Loss Surgeons, now located at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center in Knoxville, has helped thousands of individuals transform their life and health through weight loss surgery.

Skilled Surgeons. Specialized Care.

Premier Surgical Associates is the region’s largest surgical group,
performing general, vascular, bariatric, breast and laparoscopic procedures.