3 Facts about Premier Surgical Limb Preservation ClinicThe Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic is committed to improving the efficiency of care for patients at risk of limb loss due to peripheral artery disease, diabetes, and ischemia. With an estimated 65% of amputations considered preventable and the increased risk of death following amputation, we are focused on limb preservation through early detection and rapid treatment.

Immediate evaluation on the day you are referred

Limb preservation requires early intervention. If you recognize any signs and symptoms you may be at risk of limb loss, it is vital that you immediately discuss these symptoms with your physician and request a referral to Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Center. Our vascular experts will work to secure immediate, same-day evaluation to properly diagnose your condition and give you the best chance at preventing amputation.

Same-day appointments with multiple specialists

When we created the Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic, one of our goals was to offer more rapid access and treatment to individuals at a disservice in remote areas—areas where transportation to and from medical care is difficult. Knowing faster treatment is key to preventing limb loss and ensuring faster healing, we sought to improve the efficiency and speed of treatment.

To that end, in addition to a same-day evaluation when you are referred to the Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic, our program coordinator will work to enable you to undergo diagnostic imaging and develop a comprehensive treatment plan all on the same day of your referral and evaluation, whenever possible. The coordinator can also manage your treatment plan and coordinate with our network of specialists to set up same day appointments and minimize the amount of travel necessary for your treatment.

Follow up and therapy are built into the process

Once we’ve put you on the road to healing, the Limb Preservation Clinic strives to ensure you receive the proper follow up and therapy to maintain your ambulatory status. We work in conjunction with referring physicians and a network of supporting specialists to ensure proper follow-up care and rehabilitation to support the healing process and prevent future issues. From simple follow up appointments and exams with your physician, podiatrist or other specialist, or physical therapist, we include everything in your treatment plan necessary to resolve the problem, prevent loss of your limb, and prevent future risk of amputation.

At Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic in Knoxville our staff and physicians are dedicated to earning your trust through our demonstrated vascular expertise. We are committed to saving limbs and saving lives. Learn more about Premier Surgical on our website.