A new year brings new opportunities for many of us to begin developing healthy habits. This year, prioritize your skin!

If you have bumps, lumps or other skin issues, the Skin Clinic at Premier Surgical Associates at Parkwest will help clear those up. Here are some important things about the Skin Clinic from our certified Physician Assistant, Rachael Foust.

What is the “Skin Clinic” at Premier Surgical Parkwest?
“The skin clinic addresses conditions of the skin and subcutaneous tissue that require a more surgical approach including excision, incision and drainage and biopsy.”

What types of skin issues do you treat in the Skin Clinic?
“We treat a variety of conditions including lipomas, cysts, skin infections and abscesses among others.”

A lipoma is a collection of fatty tissue cells that form together and are typically located just below the skin surface. The growth is typically not cancerous and can be uncomfortable depending on its location.

A sebaceous cyst is another non-cancerous skin growth. These will grow slowly over time, they are firmer, and filled with material from sweat glands.

What are the most common skin problems you see in your patients?
“The majority of our patients present with lipomas, which are benign fatty tumors, or cysts, which are encapsulated fluid collections. Abscesses are infections of skin with underlying fluid collections that are also very common and can be found on any part of the body.”

When should someone patient seek medical treatment for a lump, bump or skin issue?
“I always tell my patients if it rapidly enlarges, becomes infected or changes significantly over a short period of time it needs to be evaluated.”

What are some signs that a lump or skin issue may be more serious?
“Rapid enlargement, signs/symptoms of infection including pain, redness or swelling, and change to the overlying skin are concerning features.”

What else would you like potential patients to know about the Skin Clinic that’s offered at Premier Surgical Parkwest?
“Not all skin issues require more in depth surgical treatment. I therefore ensure that my patients have all the necessary information allowing them to make an educated informed decision prior to any procedural intervention. However, I do stress that any changes to the skin or underlying tissue should be evaluated by a professional.”

Rachael says, “Don’t wait until it’s too late–seek treatment early on for infections of the skin.”
If you have a skin issue you are concerned about, and would like to have it evaluated or removed, please contact the Skin Clinic at Premier Surgical Associates at Parkwest at (865) 690-5263, or fill out this appointment request form.