You may have hemorrhoids without being aware of it. It’s not unusual that hemorrhoids are very common. Almost half of Americans age 50 and above have them.  

Anyone can have it but there are people with certain occupations who are more predispose to developing it.  


Is your job giving you hemorrhoids? 

Hemorrhoids or piles are swollen veins in the anal or rectal area. Their exact cause is unknown but they are believed to be a result of increase in pressure on the lower rectal area. Certain jobs can increase your risk of having hemorrhoids especially if they:  

  • require sitting for long periods of time 

This includes office/desk and driving jobs. These jobs put you at risk of getting hemorrhoids as being seated for a long period of time causes blood stasis in the lower limbs.

  • involve standing still uninterruptedly for a long time 

Like sitting for prolonged periods, standing still can also make it difficult for the lower limbs to have good blood circulation. Hence, it’s common for those who are in retail and hospitality jobs to have hemorrhoids.

  • require weight lifting and intense physical activities 

Sudden and intense physical activities, such as those involved in the jobs of warehouse workers and porters, can cause an increase in pressure on the rectum’s blood vessels.

Does your job entail any of the things mentioned above? Then you may be at high risk of having hemorrhoids. 

If you already have hemorrhoids and you don’t have any success with any home remedy, new and less invasive procedures can get rid of them. We have them at our facility.  

Schedule an appointment and we can help you find out the most appropriate treatment to get you hemorrhoid-free this year.