Hemorrhoids are common conditions of the anal or lower rectal area. They are swollen veins that affect many adults, especially those aged 45 to 75. While they rarely pose any harm to the patient, there are cases when they warrant medical attention. These include:

  1. Symptoms are not improving with conservative treatment
    Some hemorrhoids can be managed with over-the-counter pain medications, change in diet, fiber supplements, and warm baths. But if your hemorrhoid symptoms are not improving with any of these methods, then it’s a sign to see a hemorrhoid specialist and consider another treatment option.
  2. Hemorrhoids are accompanied by excessive bleeding or a lump in the area
    If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, professional medical help is needed to rule out other possible causes of these symptoms.
  3. There is ongoing pain
    Pain is a common symptom of hemorrhoids. However, if you’re experiencing moderate or severe pain for over a week, then you should see a doctor.

Does Insurance Cover Hemorrhoid Treatment?

The cost of hemorrhoids treatment can vary, depending on the type of hemorrhoids and the severity of your condition. If you have a good insurance plan, then the cost of hemorrhoid treatment shouldn’t deter you, as most major insurance plans cover it.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Hemorrhoids

If the pain and recovery time from surgery are keeping you from seeking medical help for hemorrhoids, then know that you have an alternative.

Premier Surgical Hemorrhoid Center offers a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The non-surgical treatment option is less invasive procedures that doesn’t require downtime, anesthesia, or stitches. It can also be done in less than 15 minutes.

Infrared coagulation, or IFC, is a non-surgical hemorrhoid treatment option available at Premier Surgical’s Hemorrhoid Center in Knoxville. Using short bursts of warm light, it can cause the hemorrhoid to shrink and recede.

If you’re tired of living with hemorrhoids, know that hemorrhoid procedures are covered by most insurance plans. Our staff at Premier Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Center is happy to assist you with any questions regarding coverage. Call 865-588-9952 to speak with someone today or request an appointment online.