As we ring in the new year, we welcome a new member of Premier Surgical Associates of Knoxville, Plastic Surgeon Dr. David D. Lo.

Dr. Lo is leading Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery beginning in January. Today we share a few things we’ve learned about him.

What types of procedures do you perform?
“I typically perform a complex reconstruction of the breast and the body. I also perform aesthetic procedures of the face, breasts, and body.”

How did you decide to get into plastic surgery?
“I’ve always wanted to be a physician. When I started medical school I thought I was going to be a pediatrician because I have always enjoyed treating that population. However, there is an artistic side of me that always loved seeing the beauty of things and putting things back together. During my training in general surgery, I understood that it was more about the removal of maladies, while in plastic surgery, it was more about restoration and reconstruction. I enjoyed that more. Restoring the functionality and appearance after a big operation is why I got into plastic surgery.”

Who all is involved in a breast reconstruction procedure?
“With breast reconstruction, it’s a team approach. I work very closely with the breast surgeons and, often, the medical oncologists and radiation oncologists. It’s a team approach because a successful reconstruction requires proper treatment of breast cancer and a delicate approach to the mastectomy with preservation of healthy tissue from the patient. The patients, themselves, are part of the team as their participation in the journey is of the utmost importance.”

What is the benefit of approaching breast reconstruction in an immediate fashion?
“There is the preservation of the skin, and we are able to reshape and rebuild the breast how we visualize it. It is more difficult to do the reconstruction in a delayed fashion because of the scar tissue that will build up in the surgical site in addition to the lack of adequate skin to recreate the breast(s).”

What do you want your patients to know about you?
“I believe in communication. In each consultation or in each visit, I try to communicate with my patients to get a sense of what they want and what they want to accomplish and to make sure that their goals are something I can accomplish. And I’m always honest with them. I try to educate them as well.”

Dr. Lo’s office is located on the 2nd floor of the Premier Surgical Building located at 6408 Papermill Drive in Knoxville. He performs procedures at the Premier Surgical Surgery Center, Tennova North, and Turkey Creek. Learn more about Dr. Lo by visiting his physician page. To request an appointment with Dr. Lo, visit or call (865) 306-5680.