Paying Out of Pocket For Healthcare? Save more with MDSave!

Premier Surgical is happy to announce a new, convenient financing option for our self-pay patients. Introducing MDSave.

What is MDSave?

MDSave is a financing option available to patients paying out-of-pocket and undergoing surgical procedures (laparoscopic gallbladder or hernia procedures) performed at the Premier Surgical Surgery Center. Through MDSave, bariatric and varicose vein procedures with Premier Surgical physicians are also available.

Who is eligible?

Anyone can purchase procedures on our site. You’ll save up to 60% on your service by prepaying your bill. Please note: MDSave does not submit claims to your health insurance. MDSave does not accept Medicare or Medicaid. MDSave will refund you if you do not receive care for the procedure you’ve purchased.

What’s Next?

Visit the MDsave/Premier Surgical page at to compare local prices, then purchase your procedure on the secure site or by calling MDsave’s Support Specialists at (855) 400-9287. Follow the scheduling instructions for your selected provider. Bring a copy of your purchase voucher to your appointment as proof of payment.



Who can use the service?

MDSave is available to anyone who is looking to save money on his or her healthcare needs. This includes individuals who recently purchased coverage through a health insurance marketplace. Unfortunately, we cannot accept patients covered by Medicare, Medicaid or any other state or federal program unless it is a service these payers will not cover.

Is there a benefit to using MDSave to book preventative care, such as colonoscopies, which are covered by insurance plans?

While preventative care procedures are covered by health insurance plans, that isn’t always as simple as it sounds. For example, general screening colonoscopies are covered, but if they veer into being diagnostic (for example, when a doctor removes a polyp or conducts a biopsy); many insurance plans will no longer cover them. The bill gets even higher with the incorporation of laboratory fees. This results in a fully covered procedure now becoming the patient’s out of pocket responsibility resulting in thousands of
dollars owed the provider. Wherever possible, MDSave’ s provider partners will list the “all-in” price for a procedure, guaranteeing that patients know what their bill will be before going in for the procedure regardless if a biopsy is needed.

Can a patient apply an MDSave payment to their deductible?

Patients can apply the money spent toward their deductible. Some insurance companies treat procedures booked through MDSave as an “out of network” expense but some treat it as in network.  Patients can also use FSA or HSA accounts if they prefer. In any case, it is up to the patient to submit the receipt to the insurance company. The patient should contact MDSave for a copy of the receipt for the services provided. The hospital will not submit any documentation or receipts to the insurance company.

Many patients who book procedures though MDSave will never hit their deductible and are happy to have the cash they saved on-hand. If there are questions, concerns or challenges with this process, our specialists and legal team may be able to help the process.

What happens after I process my order?

You will be emailed your proof of purchase, which we call a voucher. You can print it, show the front desk the voucher on your smart phone, or copy the voucher number to present to the front desk at your appointment. You can always find your vouchers under “my order history” tab of your profile or you can log back into your email and print or show it from there.

Are there additional fees?

No! There are no extra fees. The posted charge for your selected service is all you pay. Now if you schedule a surgery and do not do the proper preparation ahead of time and show up for the surgery and they cannot do it, you might be charged extra because the entire surgical team showed up to do your surgery and you did not do your proper preparation, for example you ate breakfast when you were told to have no food or drink by mouth after midnight.

Is my payment secure?

Absolutely. All the transactions are processed through Authorize. Net’s award-winning secure online payment gateway.

Does my pre-paid MDSave voucher expire?

No, it never expires.

What if I need to cancel my purchase?

Simply log on to and select the “CONTACT US” link. Fill out the MDSave contact form and submit it. An MDSave staff member will promptly contact you to assist you in obtaining a full refund or you can call us at our toll-free number 877-461-2491

Can I purchase this procedure for someone else?

Yes. You certainly can purchase a medical procedure for someone else, as long as Medicare, Medicaid, or any other state or federal health care program does not cover that person.

Do I still pay my Co-pay/Deductible?

MDSave is not an insurance company. We are a way for you to find cash prices for medical services. Your insurance will not be a factor in your purchase. If you have small co-pay you are better off not using MDSave for that procedure.

What if I want these services to still be applied to my deductible?

Neither MDSave nor your provider will file an insurance claim for you. That is why you are able to have such a nice savings on the procedure. You are welcome to self-file with the insurance company on your own. Please contact MDSave for a receipt to submit to your insurance company to have the money spent applied to your deductible. There is never a guarantee that the funds will be applied to your deductible.

Are the vouchers refundable?

Yes, MDSave offers a full refund on purchases if you do not have move forward with the procedure. For example: you might purchase Lasik eye surgery and find out you are not a good candidate. We would refund 100% of your money at that point.

If I don’t redeem the voucher with the Provider I purchased to see, is it transferrable?

Yes, just call us at 1-877-461-2491 and we will transfer the voucher to the correct provider.

If the Provider I see does not feel the procedure that I’ve pre-purchased is necessary, can I be refunded?

Every procedure is backed by the MDsave Promise: If you do not receive care for your purchased procedure, we will refund your payment in full.

Vouchers funded through CareCredit can be refunded at the customer’s request prior to redemption, but differ from our standard refund policy in that they must be redeemed within 25 days or they will be automatically cancelled and refunded.

Important Note: For some procedures, if you see the provider but do not undergo the procedure, a consult fee may still be charged. This most commonly occurs in cases when a procedure cannot be performed due to failure to follow the doctor’s preparation instructions. The fee helps offset the cost of the space, equipment, and staff reserved for your procedure even if it cannot be performed



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