As technology has advanced, so have our ways of doing things. There are several innovations in healthcare that results from the changes in technology. One of these innovations is the EHR, or the electronic health records. The use of electronically-stored health information has changed the way healthcare providers and patients exchange information and participate in their healthcare plan.

The Benefits of Having Access to Medical Records

When patients have access to their medical records, they are more aware of their health conditions and often come better prepared during doctor’s visits.

Research also revealed that patients who are able to view their health records feel more motivated to improve their health. When patients see their health information in writing, they feel more well-equipped in making decisions related to their health.

Having easy access to health records can also help patients stay organized. It makes it easier for them to schedule appointments, look up information from the previous visits, talk privately to their healthcare providers, and share the needed information with other members of the healthcare team.

Premier Surgical’s Patient Portal

If you’re a patient at Premier Surgical in Knoxville, then you can have access to your health records through our convenient patient portal. The patient portal allows you to access your records anytime and anywhere.

Aside from easy access on the health records, the patient portal also makes it easier for you to pay bills, set and manage office appointments, see your lab results, and even talk privately with our healthcare team members.

We value our patients at Premier Surgical. The patient portal is not just about convenience; it’s helping patients to become a more active part in their health. If you’re a Premier Surgical patient and would like access our Patient Portal, email and we will send you a secure invitation to register.