The Premier Process for Limb PreservationBased on the sharp increase in the risk of a patient’s death in the year following an amputation, and with an estimated 65% of amputations considered preventable, the Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic is committed to improving the efficiency of care for patients at risk of limb loss. To that end, the Premier Process for Limb Preservation works to support our patients and speed them through the treatment necessary to ensure the best odds for limb preservation.

Step one: Early intervention

The key to maximizing your odds of limb preservation is in early intervention. From the very minute you recognize any signs and symptoms you may be at risk of limb loss, get in touch with your physician to discuss your situation and request a referral to Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Center of Knoxville.

From there, our vascular experts will work to secure immediate, same-day evaluation to properly diagnose your condition and give you the best possible chance to prevent amputation. In addition, to this evaluation, we will conduct a number of diagnostic procedures including diagnostic imaging and go over a comprehensive treatment plan all on the same day of your referral and evaluation whenever possible.

Step two: Restoring blood flow to the affected area

The earliest steps in the treatment plan consist of the procedures necessary to set the stage for proper healing and increasing the likelihood of preserving your limb. From balloon angioplasty and stents to atherectomy, bypass procedures, and other techniques, Premier Surgical’s vascular surgeons will work to ensure you have the blood flow necessary to support the healing process.

Step three: Boosting the healing process

Once blood flow is restored, we will work to eliminate any infection in the skin or soft tissue through medication, dressing, debridement, incision, compression, vacuum-assisted closure, and other methods. Your individualized care plan will dictate what methods are necessary based upon the specific details of your condition including location of the problem area and the type of bacteria causing the infection.

Step four: Maintain ambulatory status through follow up and therapy

Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic works in conjunction with referring physicians and other supporting specialists to ensure you receive proper follow-up care and rehabilitation support and enhance the healing process and prevent future issues. From simple follow up appointments and exams with your physician or a specialist to physical therapy, our process includes everything necessary to resolve the problem, prevent loss of your limb, and prevent future risk of amputation.

At Premier Surgical Limb Preservation Clinic in Knoxville our staff and physicians are dedicated to earning your trust through our demonstrated vascular expertise. We are committed to saving limbs and saving lives. Learn more about Premier Surgical on our website.