While it’s a great relief to be done with surgery, you must keep in mind that the surgery itself is only the beginning of the process. What you do after the procedure and how you care for your body will affect the outcome and often determine the success of the surgery. Premier Surgical Associates of Knoxville shares some tips to help you achieve a faster, smoother recovery.

  • Follow the doctor’s orders
    Regardless of the type of procedure you have undergone, you will be given a set of instructions from your doctor. These instructions will include the kind of medicines that you need to take including their dosage and frequency, activities you may need to avoid for a while, and the types and amounts of food to eat. Even if they sound silly, there’s a rationale behind every doctor’s instruction and it is best to follow them no matter what. If you have a question about a specific instruction, don’t hesitate to confront your doctor.
  • Eat the right kind of food
    Some procedures may leave you feeling nauseous or not wanting to eat, but after surgery it is important to your recovery that you eat healthy. Unless you have special dietary requirements after surgery, be sure to include protein and foods rich in vitamin C, B12, iron, and fiber. These foods contribute to wound healing, boost the immune system, and keep the digestive tract moving (constipation is a common complaint after surgery among patients).
  • Get moving
    Physical inactivity promotes the formation of blood clots. As soon as your doctor gives you the “OK” to walk, slowly get to moving. Staying physically active helps in preventing complications like pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis.
  • Inspect your incision
    This may not be a fun task, but it pays off to inspect your incision several times in a day. Take note of the incision color, any wound discharge, and the intactness of stitches or staples. Your observation on these areas will help you and your doctor determine if your wound is healing correctly or if it becomes infected.
  • Don’t forget your follow-up appointments!
    Even if you think you’re completely healed, you should still follow up in post-surgery appointments as the doctor will be looking for things that you may not be able to see. Sometimes blood work is required and certain adjustments in your medication may be necessary.


With the stress that surgery often puts on the body, it is important to have experts who will oversee your progress from start to finish. Premier Surgical in Knoxville has skilled surgeons who are committed to patient care before, during, and after surgery. Whether you’re scheduled for general, vascular, or breast cancer surgery, we will be there every step of the way.