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Should you exercise with hemorrhoids?

If you’re one of the many who vowed to start exercising this year, you may find yourself in a dilemma, especially if you have hemorrhoids.

Exercising can cause straining and exacerbate the symptoms of hemorrhoids. On the other hand, not exercising can make you gain weight. Being sedentary can also contribute to constipation, which can also worsen your hemorrhoids.

So, what should you do then?

The key is to not give up exercising, but just follow certain precautions if you have hemorrhoids.

The Dos

Choose the right activity
Studies have shown that cardiovascular activities such as walking, running, and swimming can help counter inflammation in the body.

These activities can also trigger the release of “feel good” hormones which can help block the pain and reduce your stress.

Cut back on the intensity
Weightlifting may seem enticing to you, but if you’re concerned about your hemorrhoids, you may want to delay this first.

Heavy lifting can worsen your hemorrhoids. If your hemorrhoids are bothering you, you may want to stick with less strenuous exercises.

Listen to your body
With any exercise, it’s important to pay attention to how your body feels. Some people with hemorrhoids struggle with activities that require sitting like rowing. If you feel the same way, you can switch to a different activity. There are tons of exercise options out there that burn calories and build muscles, without leaving you in pain.

The Don’ts

As much as possible, avoid activities that have the potential of heavily straining your muscles at the back and abdomen. Squats, for example, can be detrimental if you have hemorrhoids as it can worsen their symptoms.

Forget about the diet and hydration
By making sure you’re getting enough hydration and a diet with whole foods, you are reducing your risk of constipation, which can exacerbate your hemorrhoid symptoms.

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