Looking at Jill Mayfield today, you see an active, healthy and happy 47-year-old mother of two. It’s hard to believe that just 18 months earllier, this fit and trim lady had a difficult time fitting into an airline seat and fastening the seatbelt.

“We fly a lot,” said Mayfield. “Before I had surgery in April, I remember barely being able to get my seatbelt fastened. We flew again in October after surgery, and I was amazed at how much weight I had lost. I didn’t have anything to measure with, but it was a big difference.”

The airline seatbelt isn’t the only difference for Mayfield since surgery. She says that before surgery she was morbidly obese, had no energy and led a very minimal lifestyle. “I couldn’t keep up with my girls, work, my husband, or life in general. I just couldn’t do it.”

At age 47, she decided there had to be more to life.

To read more of Jill’s story, visit Foothills Weight Loss Specialists’ “Weighing In” blog.

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