Vascular surgeons are a vital part of the heart health team. Contrary to what many people think, these professionals can do more than just surgery.

They can help you manage your existing vascular conditions through a treatment plan that’s catered specifically to your needs. This doesn’t just pertain to medications but also to lifestyle changes (i.e. diet and exercise) that are needed to decrease your risk of blood clots.

If surgery is needed, a vascular surgeon can perform catheter-based procedures to open clogged arteries or veins without the need for a traditional open surgery.


What else can a vascular surgeon help you with?

Vascular surgeons can help prevent stroke. Stroke occurs when the arteries supplying blood and oxygen to the brain are blocked. Vascular surgeons can perform urgent procedures to help clear the artery or keep an eye on the affected artery and decide whether surgery is needed or not.

Vascular surgeons can also prevent amputations. Patients with diabetes, peripheral artery disease, and vascular disease are at risk for amputations. There are minimally-invasive procedures that vascular surgeons can do to improve the quality of life of these patients. Other conditions that vascular surgeons can help with include atherosclerosis, varicose veins, venous thrombosis, and abdominal aortic aneurysms.


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