A hernia is the bulging of an organ or fatty tissue through an abdominal opening. According to the Food and Drug Administration, hernia repair is one of the most common surgeries performed in the United States. Over one million American undergo some type of hernia surgery annually.

Basic Abdominal Hernias

An abdominal hernia is the most common type of hernia. It happens when an organ or another piece of tissue protrudes through a weakening in one of the muscle walls of the abdominal cavity.

The content of the bulging sac depends on the site where the hernia develops. If the hernia occurs in the abdominal wall, then the sac may contain a fatty lining of the colon or a piece of an intestine.

Abdominal hernias, in general, are caused by a combination of pressure and weakness within the abdominal wall. This weakness may be present at birth or may occur later in life.

Treatment options for hernia will depend on several factors, including the location, size and type of hernia as well as the severity of the symptoms. For common small hernias such as an inguinal or umbilical hernia, the hole or weakness is often repaired using a mesh material, commonly with laparoscopic techniques. For non-complex hernias, the repair is usually performed as outpatient surgery and patients can normally go home the same day.

Complex Abdominal Hernias

A regular, or basic hernia can become complex if the repeated attempts to close the hole fails. When hernia repair fails and the person has a recurrent hernia, each successive surgery will be less successful as the surrounding tissues can become weak or stretched.

In cases of multiple previous failed hernia repairs, if there is catastrophic injury to the abdominal wall, or for very large hernia, advanced hernia repair techniques may be required in order to reconstruct the abdominal wall properly.

Care for complex abdominal hernias requires unique expertise, especially because complex hernias are associated with higher complication and recurrence rates. When performed properly by specially trained surgeons, complex hernia repair generally has a low rate of relapse, resulting in a long-term functional repair with an esthetically-improved result.

Hernia Repair with Premier Surgical Packages

Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville offers Premier Surgery Packages to patients undergoing basic hernia repair. Simple hernia repair is offered at a packaged price and performed at the Premier Surgical Office Based Surgery Suites on Papermill Drive.

Please note that complex hernia repair is an advanced procedure that often involves abdominal wall reconstruction. Extensive planning and in-patient hospitalization are always required for complex hernia repair. The total cost of the surgery will depend on the severity of the hernia and extent of the repair needed – and these types of procedures are not included in packaged pricing.

The severity of abdominal hernias and the complexity of the surgery needed can vary widely, so our team will assess your condition and recommend the most appropriate surgical approach for your repair.