As one of the founding team members of HGTV and DIY Network, Channing Dawson has long been a champion of approaches that combine technology and convenience. So, it was only natural that when the now retired media pioneer and Knoxville resident, decided to have a long-time umbilical hernia repaired, he opted for an innovative approach to his surgical procedure.

“The hernia started forming about eight years ago when I was surfing a lot,” explains the active 65-year old. “Although it didn’t hurt, it began emerging more and I thought: it’s an easy surgery -why not get it fixed?”

Dawson’s physician recommended general surgeon Dr. William Gibson of Premier Surgical for the task.

“He turned out to be the perfect guy to do my hernia,” says Dawson. “When I asked if it could be performed as outpatient, Dr. Gibson said, “Absolutely”.”  

Dr. Gibson proposed that he perform the procedure at Premier Surgical’s state-certified and AAASF-accredited Surgery Center on Papermill Drive in Knoxville.

As a veteran of five in-patient hospital hip replacement surgeries, Dawson relished the idea of a simple procedure at an out-patient facility.

“With all the great advancements in care, it makes sense that surgery can be done more efficiently, in a less institutional and bureaucratic way. It’s a perfect example of an alternative to the hospital that can work well,” explains Dawson.

Dr. Gibson repaired Dawson’s hernia at the Premier Surgical Surgery Center. The procedure took less than an hour.

“I really liked the convenience and comfort of a place like Premier Surgical,” recalls Dawson. “Dr. Gibson and the staff were friendly. It was economic and easy, but also very safe. That’s what an operation should be!”

Dr. Gibson agrees. “We emphasize safety. Our goal is to provide high quality surgical care in a safe environment that has a decreased cost versus traditional venues.”

Dawson quickly recovered from his hernia surgery and was soon back to work on his west Knox County farm. Within months, he was boogie boarding in Costa Rica. He’s glad he chose Premier Surgical for his hernia repair. “I’m confident in Premier Surgical. I like their different model of care.”

Premier Surgical offers special package pricing for self-pay patients undergoing basic hernia and laparoscopic gallbladder procedures at the Premier’s Office Based Surgery Center in Knoxville.  Visit for details.