Tim Muncy demonstrates his new AllPro foot prosthetic with Prosthetist Orthotist Carey Bunch.

When Tim Muncy gets dressed for a day on the job at Premier Prosthetic Center in Knoxville, the most important thing he puts on isn’t his medical scrubs uniform, it’s his prosthetic left leg. Muncy, like the patients he works with, is an amputee.

As a Prosthetist Assistant, Muncy helps fit those who have lost leg or arm with a prosthetic limb that will allow them to best meet their mobility and activity goals. He also helps encourages patients as they adapt to life as an amputee. It’s a journey Muncy knows well.

“From a peer support perspective, it’s definitely a benefit to patients,” explains Premier Prosthetic Center Prosthetist Orthotist Carey Bunch. “Tim has personally been through that process.”

While living in Kentucky February of 2009, Muncy’s leg was severely injured in a car crash when he swerved to miss a deer. He didn’t lose his leg immediately.

Tim reached his goal of completing the Komen Race for the Cure with his son Jordan and wife Denise

Tim reached his goal of completing the Komen Race for the Cure with his son Jordan and wife Denise

“I kept hoping it would heal. I had eleven surgeries and fought for three years to save it,” remembers Muncy. “Basically, I had a dead foot and it was eventually amputated.”

After the amputation, Muncy was fitted with a prosthetic leg, but it wasn’t a good experience.

“I wasn’t happy with the heavy socket and the fit,” explains Muncy. “Since I was a new amputee and didn’t know there were different types of foot options for different activity levels.”

When Muncy and his family moved to Knoxville in 2013, he learned of the Premier Prosthetic Center and consulted with Prosthetist Carey Bunch to develop a lighter socket and foot system that better suited his lifestyle.

“Tim is an incredibly active guy. He hikes and spends time outdoors with his family,” explains Bunch. “His prosthesis was a good everyday foot, but was not designed for active use. Tim isn’t satisfied with a sedentary life and wanted to be able to run in races. So we looked for a foot system that would allow him to reach his goals.”

Muncy is reaching goals. In October, he and his family completed the Komen Race for the Cure, participating on the Premier Surgical Associates team. And, in addition to getting a new leg, Muncy has also found a new career, working with patients at Premier Prosthetic Center. For Muncy, it’s a perfect fit.

“I tell patients, ‘Don’t let your amputation hold you back.’ It’s too easy to stay in a wheelchair or recliner. Don’t give up. Keep moving and your possibilities are endless.”

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