Hernia and Workman’s Comp

An abdominal wall hernia  develops when there is a weakness or hole in the abdominal muscles, allowing  a person’s organs or tissues to protrude. Contents of the abdominal cavity, such as segments of the intestine or abdominal fatty tissue may bulge out.

There are different types of abdominal hernias. The inguinal hernia is the most common type of abdominal hernia. It develops in the groin area and it happens when fatty or intestinal tissues push through the inguinal canal. The inguinal canal resides at the base of the abdominal area.

This type of hernia is asymptomatic; hence, many people who have it don’t seek any form of treatment. While it may not be life-threatening during the early stages, one would eventually need medical care for this in order to prevent serious complications.

Signs and Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of hernia can vary. Some people don’t have any symptom at all, while others may complain of a lump in the abdominal area. This lump could be painless, while there are also cases in which this swollen protrusion causes a great deal of discomfort.

Causes and Risk Factors

Some abdominal hernias are present at birth, while there are also those that may develop later in life. Hernias developed later in life are often the result of increased pressure in the abdominal cavity. Obesity, coughing, constant straining during bowel movement, heavy lifting, and chronic lung disease are some of the factors that can contribute to the development or worsening of hernias.

Seeking Help

Although initially hernias are not life-threatening, if it begins to cause pain and interfere with your daily activities, a surgical repair may be recommended.  A surgical repair will also help  avoid the possibility of intestinal strangulation. This is especially true for cases of irreducible hernia, a type of hernia on which the content couldn’t be pushed back into the cavity when attempted.

If untreated for long periods of time, hernias can become uncomfortable and even dangerous. If you were injured on the job and have a hernia as a result, Premier Surgical of Knoxville provides outpatient surgery for simple hernias at our Papermill location. Additionally, we offer packaged pricing for companies working with workman’s comp.

Whether you got it from birth or as a result of an injury, our Hernia Center can help. For more information, visit our website or request an appointment online today.

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