Joe and his son enjoy a trip to Washington DC after his hernia surgery at Premier Surgical.

As Knoxville attorney Joseph Della-Rolfa was doing his regular exercise routine last November, he felt a jolting pain while doing a plank. He thought he had pulled something, but after several months when the pain didn’t go away, he made an appointment with his family physician.

Joe’s doctor diagnosed him with an inguinal hernia. He didn’t seek treatment immediately, and over time the hernia began to hurt and affect his ability to do activities he enjoys, like golfing and exercising. “When I was standing, it would bulge out. It was a problem and needed to be fixed,” remembers Joe.

A family friend recommended that Joe schedule a consultation with general surgeon Dr. Will Gibson of Premier Surgical Associates. His office is located on the Parkwest Medical Center campus.

After examining his condition, Dr. Gibson explained that surgery would be needed to repair Joe’s hernia. He recommended that Joe consider having the laparoscopic procedure performed at Premier Surgical’s Office Based Surgery Center on Papermill Drive.

Dr. William Gibson
“Going to the Surgery Center versus a hospital was a no brainer,” Joe says. “There’s no hidden fees and it’s all one packaged price, so you don’t have to worry about receiving multiple bills. I even knew how much the whole surgery was going to cost ahead of time.”

Not only does Premier’s Office Based Surgery Center provide a convenient way to pay, they also offer a relaxed, friendly atmosphere that Joe found appealing.

“The check-in procedure was exceedingly easy and efficient. I only waited in the lobby for 5 minutes before they were ready to bring me back. The only real surgery I’ve had was getting my wisdom teeth out, and honestly, this experience was quicker than that!”

A month to the day after his hernia surgery, Joe was able to travel to Washington, D.C. as a chaperon for his son’s school trip. He rode on a bus for 7+ hours and walked around comfortably, with no pain. “It was great!” he says.

The Premier Surgical’s Office Based Surgery Center on Papermill Drive offers convenient packaged pricing for laparoscopic gallbladder and basic hernia procedures. Visit our Premier Surgery Packages website to  learn more about our surgeons and affordable procedures.