Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the anus and the lower rectum. They can become painful when there’s an increased pressure against the connective tissues that keep these vascular structures in place.  Hemorrhoids can affect both men and women, though they may develop for different reasons. Two common causes of hemorrhoids in men are a result of diet and activity.


Many men enjoy eating heavy foods like nachos, chips, burger, meat products, and drinking beer. Although there’s nothing wrong in eating these foods in moderation, eating too much of them can affect bowel movements, especially if they are low in fiber. Constant straining that happens during constipation can greatly contribute to the development of hemorrhoids over time.


Certain activities can increase the chance of developing hemorrhoids. Lifting weights is one of them. Lifting heavy objects can strain the abdominal muscles which can also stress the tissues surrounding the anal area.

However, the risk for hemorrhoids is higher for those with sedentary occupations like truck drivers, clerks, and computer scientists, due to the constant pressure on the vascular veins. Insufficient activity can make it worse as it can affect one’s bowel movement.

Managing Hemorrhoids

During the initial stages, hemorrhoid symptoms can sometimes be managed with over-the-counter creams, ointment, or suppositories that contain steroid hydrocortisone. This type of drug can help in relieving the inflammation, itching, and the pain, but do not actually get rid of the source of the hemorrhoids.

If symptoms like bleeding and pain persist, it may be time to see a doctor. At Premier Surgical Hemorrhoid Center of Knoxville, we provide less invasive treatment options for hemorrhoids, such as Infrared Coagulation (IFC). You can experience lasting comfort without surgery, little to no recovery time, and less side effects. Call 865-588-9952 to schedule a consultation today.


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