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Patient Portal - Premier Surgical TN

Want to keep track of your medical information, appointments, and bills in one convenient location? Tired of playing phone tag when you have a question about a prescription or medical issue? Sign up for our patient portal!

At Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville and Cleveland, TN, we encourage our patients to register for our patient portal called “My Health Record”. A patient portal is a secure website with tools to assist you with monitoring and tracking your healthcare records, upcoming visits, your billing information, prescriptions, and test results.

You can access the patient portal from any internet-enabled device, including your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Here are some of the benefits of using a patient portal.

You Can Request Prescription Refills and View Info About Your Medications
If you need to get a prescription refilled, our patient portal allows you to conveniently submit a refill request. We’ll review and respond to your request in the portal. Many patients find this option much more convenient than calling the office and leaving a message.

You may also use the portal to view information about your current and past medications, including the dosages, when the medications were prescribed, and whether you have any remaining refills.

You Have the Option to Send Secure Messages to Your Provider
Have a question about your post-surgery care procedures? Use our patient portal to send a secure message to your provider.
Not only can you use the portal to securely message your healthcare provider, but you can ask insurance and billing questions, request copies of your medical reports, and send any requested forms or documents to your provider.

You Can View or Download Your Health Records
If you need a copy of your health records, you can access them through our safe and secure patient portal. Some of the health records you may access include:
• Surgical records
• Medical bills
• Lab results
• Notes from your appointments

You May Fill Out Forms and View Documents When it is Convenient for Your Schedule
Access the patient portal before your appointment to fill out important forms and read informative documents. While some patients choose to arrive at their appointments a little early to handle these tasks in person, other patients prefer to complete these tasks on their own time.

You Can Update Your Personal Information
If your contact information or personal info changes, utilize the patient portal to keep your info up to date. Some of the info that you can update using the portal includes:
• Your insurance information
• Your phone number
• Your address
• Your preferred provider and office location
• Any changes to your medical history

How to Get Started Using the Premier Surgical “My Health Record” Patient Portal
Ready to start using our patient portal? Let your Premier provider know that you want to register to use the patient portal. You will receive a registration email that will help you get started using the portal.

Already signed up for the Premier Patient Portal? Visit the My Health Record sign-in page to access your info!