Hemorrhoids are very common, affecting an estimated  50 percent of the general population over age 50. In the United States, about 15 million Americans have them.

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are clusters of veins and supporting tissues that lie within the anal canal that have become enlarged or swollen. People who are most susceptible to developing hemorrhoids are pregnant women and those with sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits (specifically those with a diet low in fiber).

Although hemorrhoids are rarely dangerous, they can be a nuisance. They can cause bleeding, itching in the anal area, and pain and discomfort.

How to know if you have hemorrhoids?

Bleeding, itching in the rectal area, rectal pain, and possible prolapse are some of the issues  related to hemorrhoids. To help you out, Premier Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Knoxville developed an online quiz to assess yourself to determine if you may have hemorrhoids. You can access the self-assessment quiz here.

What to do if you have hemorrhoids?

If your hemorrhoids bleed, cause frequent rectal pain, or if there is a change in bowel movement, you should see a doctor.

And if your hemorrhoid symptoms don’t improve with self-care, Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville have the region’s only dedicated hemorrhoid treatment Center. We specialize in  non-invasive, non-surgical procedures to make hemorrhoid relief quicker and virtually pain-free. Most insurance plans usually cover hemorrhoid treatments. If you have questions about coverage, our staff is more than happy to assist you.

Request for an appointment online or call our confidential Hemorrhoid Hotline at (865) 588-9952 to speak with a member of our team today!