Pregnancy is a wonderful stage of a woman’s life. Although, the changes that your body undergoes during this stage places you at a higher risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Pregnancy and Hemorrhoids

There are several reasons why a woman is at risk of developing hemorrhoids while pregnant. Her growing uterus can put pressure on her pelvic veins, as well on her inferior vena cava, a large vein that receives blood from the lower extremities. This can affect the normal circulatory flow and slows down the flow of the blood from the lower half of the body. As a result, there is an increased pressure on the veins found below the uterus, causing them to dilate or swell.

Hormonal changes also contribute to the development of hemorrhoids in pregnant women. The increased production of the hormone progesterone causes relaxation of the wall of the veins, causing them to swell more easily. Additionally, it contributes to constipation by slowing down the intestinal tract. Constipation is one of the known risk factors in the development of hemorrhoids, as straining puts pressure on the rectal area. Because of this, women can also develop postpartum hemorrhoids as a result of pushing during labor.

Reducing the Risk of Hemorrhoids

There are several ways that pregnant women may reduce the risk of developing hemorrhoids. These include:

  • Moving more
    Regular exercise can help in reducing one’s risk of having hemorrhoids as it can help regulate one’s bowel movement. Although you are probably not doing rigorous activities while pregnant, it is okay for you to low impact activities with your physician’s approval.
  • Increasing fiber intake
    Making necessary changes in your diet, such as increasing the fiber intake and drinking plenty of water, can help in reducing the risk of hemorrhoids because these also help in preventing constipation.
  • Doing Kegel exercise
    Kegel exercises aren’t just helpful in preparing the perineal floor for birth, it can also improve circulation overall in the area.

Hemorrhoid Treatment During Pregnancy
Having hemorrhoids during pregnancy can be uncomfortable. A warm bath paired with over-the-counter pain medications and creams can help in alleviating the symptoms temporarily. But, remember that topical medications won’t get to the root of the problem. If your hemorrhoid discomfort continues after you deliver, schedule a consultation with Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center to learn about your non-surgical treatment options.

Premier Surgical’s Hemorrhoid Center in Knoxville can help pregnant women get rid of these painful, swollen veins. Dr. Stone Mitchell has years of experience in managing hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy. If the best way to treat your hemorrhoids is infrared coagulation or IFC, then we can schedule you with that procedure after you have given birth.