What happens after I schedule my breast cancer surgeryBreast cancer treatment and surgery is a tough battle. The diagnosis of breast cancer is never something you can plan for so coordinating all the steps for treatment can certainly add additional stress to the situation. Premier Surgical Associates works to schedule appointments for breast cancer patients with one of the surgeons quickly after diagnosis. Some of the Premier Surgical Associates surgeons have more flexibility than others in seeing new patients, but, we are committed to patient-centered care and will work to get you in as soon as possible with one of our providers.

Once the surgery is scheduled, the patient will work closely with the hospital registration staff to get pre-registered and gain an understanding of what to expect the day of the procedure. A hospital employee will explain where in the facility you should report for each portion of the procedure. Take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding your treatment and expectations for surgery. The more you know about what is going to happen, the better. If you think of questions later on, call your provider and speak with a nurse.

As with most medical procedures, patients are asked to refrain from eating or drinking after midnight on the day prior to the procedure. For a more in-depth look at how to prepare for general surgery, download our ebook. If the procedure is a day surgery, patients will need to have someone present to drive them home. Likewise, if a full mastectomy is being performed, the patient should plan to stay overnight and will need a driver for the day of discharge. Many patients will plan ahead to have a caregiver with them for the week following surgery. These are all things to think about and confirm from the time your surgery is scheduled to the actual day of.

It is important to talk with your provider prior to surgery regarding any additional medical conditions you are experiencing. For optimal healing and recovery time, do your best to make choices that promote overall good health going into your procedure. If you smoke, understand this tightens blood vessels and reduces the supply of nutrients and oxygen to body tissues. Active tobacco users generally take longer to heal and have more noticeable scarring.

Any type of surgery can lead to anxiety, especially when there will be a change in appearance. Breast cancer will change your life and each woman copes with this differently. At Premier Surgical Associates we encourage patients to surround themselves with trusted friends and loving family members to create a strong support system. The more balance you can find – mentally, physically and spiritually – the better as you are setting the stage for optimal recovery. Prepare to allow yourself plenty of time to heal post surgery relying on loved ones to support and care for you.

There are many support groups in East Tennessee to help cancer patients and their families cope with the diagnosis and treatment. Cancer Support Community and Susan G. Komen are two examples. Sharing with and hearing from others undergoing the same struggle will help you build self-esteem and positive energy going into treatment. Premier Surgical Associates is determined to help our patients that inspire us each and every day. This is why thousands of women in East Tennessee rely on us for their breast health needs. To learn more about breast cancer surgery options at Premier Surgical Associates visit our website.