what is an evlt procedureEndovenous Laser Therapy, also known as EVLT, is a minimally invasive option for the treatment of varicose veins utilizing heat energy. EVLT is a safe, effective and quick procedure designed to restore natural beauty and healthy function to the legs.  This procedure is best suited for larger varicose veins.

To perform an EVLT, the area around the diseased vein is prepped and cleansed thoroughly and then a local anesthetic is applied to reduce any pain or discomfort. Through a small puncture in the leg, a tiny optic fiber laser is inserted through a needle into the diseased vein. Laser heat is used to shrink and close off the vein, allowing blood to be naturally rerouted to other healthy veins within the leg. The procedure is performed in office usually within an hour. There is no hospitalization required with EVLT and a small dressing with compression bandages are applied to the area after the procedure is complete.

In the past, individuals suffering from the painful varicose veins relied on ligation and vein stripping for relief of symptoms. These procedures were more invasive and painful while also requiring general anesthesia. Vein stripping and ligation involve the physical removal of diseased vein(s) often causing discomfort during the procedure and up to two weeks following.

The treatment of varicose veins has come a long way and there are many benefits to the less invasive option of EVLT today including:

  • little to no downtime,
  • immediate relief of symptoms,
  • and minimal to no scarring.

Following an EVLT procedure, some patients experience a tight feeling in the legs and mild bruising. These symptoms normally subside within a few days. Patients are allowed to go home and even return to work immediately following the procedure, but should avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise as noted by your physician.

With the help of a board certified vascular surgeon, you can determine which vein treatment is right for you.  Your best option for treatment depends on the severity of your condition, your preference and desired outcomes.

The staff at Premier Vein Clinics of Knoxville can help determine if EVLT is the right treatment option for you. During your initial consult you should be prepared to provide a thorough medical history and undergo a physical exam so the clinician can examine your legs both sitting and standing. Your Premier Vein Clinics physician will talk in depth with you about your concerns and overall expectations for treatment.

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