At Premier Surgical Associates of Knoxville and Cleveland, TN, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the patient experience. This is why we’re proud to announce that we are now using a new tool called Health Asyst for online check-in and payment.

Health Ayst is an online check-in and payment system that you can use with your phone or iPad tablet.

How it can help you?

Saves time checking-in
With this new tool, you can save time with the Mobile Pre-Registration feature.

Using Health Asyst, you can pre-register anytime, anywhere. Plus, each time you schedule an appointment, you’ll be receiving an appointment link that gives you access to the different forms you need. From there, you can provide your personal and insurance information.

There will also be automatic reminders so you won’t miss any of your scheduled appointments.

Makes filling out forms less of a hassle
Health Asyst is a smart system that also makes filling out forms less of a chore. With its intelligent digital forms, your existing information is pre-populated into your forms and you only have to answer visit-specific questionnaires.

Keeps your information safe and secure
Security of our patient’s information is always in our minds and we’re happy that Health Asyst is HIPAA and PCI compliant.

It doesn’t store your data. Instead, it sends the data directly to a system where only relevant stakeholders have access.

Makes paying easier
Health Asyst has a feature that allows you to choose from a number of payment options. You can pay through credit cards or your card on file. In this way, you don’t have to constantly provide your card information, making paying your bills a whole lot easier.

If you’re a Premier Surgical patient and have questions about Health Asyst, call us at (865) 306-5713.