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Hernias are very common. In fact, there are over a million hernia repairs performed in the U.S. each year. The physicians at the Premier Surgical Hernia Center in Knoxville are experts in hernia repair.

What’s a hernia and how do you get one?
A hernia is a condition that occurs when a part of an internal organ or tissue bulges into a weak spot of a surrounding muscle or connective tissue.

There is no specific, single cause of hernia. However, most cases of it are a result of a combination of muscle weakness and strain.

The muscle weakness and strain that leads to hernia can be a result of the following:

  • A congenital condition that results in muscle or connective tissue weakness at birth
  • Aging
  • Injury or damage from surgery
  • Chronic coughing
  • Heavy lifting
  • Pregnancy
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Obesity
  • Ascites or fluid in the abdomen

How do you know that you have a hernia?
Although the signs and symptoms of a hernia can vary, depending on its affected site, the most common symptom of it is a bulge or lump.

For example, if you have an inguinal hernia, you may notice a lump on either side of your pubic bone. This lump is more noticeable when you’re standing, coughing, or bending. There may also be some discomfort around the lump.

As the hernia gets bigger, it increases the possibility that part of an internal organ could get caught in a hole and lose its blood supply. When this happens, you may experience nausea and vomiting and difficulty in passing gas or having bowel movements. This is a case of strangulation and you should seek medical attention immediately.

How do you treat a hernia?
Hernia repair is the surgical treatment for hernia. Your doctor may recommend it if your hernia is growing and/or causing you pain or discomfort.

During a hernia repair, the surgeon closes the hole in the affected cavity by patching it with a surgical mesh.

Hernia repair is performed using either open or laparoscopic surgery. Depending on the size and severity of the hernia, not all hernia may be repaired laparoscopically.

The physicians of the Premier Surgical Hernia Center in Knoxville treat all kinds of hernia. We will work with you to determine the most suitable surgical procedure for you.

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