Surgery Prep Tips - Premier Surgical Associates

How you prepare for your upcoming surgery can impact its outcome. The physicians of Premier Surgical in Knoxville and Cleveland, TN, want you to know that you can increase your chances of a successful outcome by preparing in the days or weeks before your scheduled surgery:

Have a more wholesome diet
In the weeks or days before your surgery, try to eat more nutrient-dense food. Many doctors refer to them as the ‘clean’ food. These foods, which include fruits and vegetables, are the ones rich in vitamins and minerals.

As much as possible, try to cut back on your intake of heavily processed food, red meat, and other foods which are more difficult to break down. This will help reduce the inflammation in your body, which could impact your speed of recovery.

Note: Every procedure is different so it’s important to consult with your surgeon to know exactly what food to eat and what to cut back on.

Get into a habit of regular exercise
Regular exercise can benefit you in a multitude of ways, including preparing your body for surgery.

Getting into a habit of regular exercise weeks before your procedure increases your chances of successful recovery, including the chance to walk sooner after it.

You don’t have to get crazy with working out to make the most of its benefits. Even something as simple as walking most days of the week can make a difference. For better results, aim to get at least 5,000 steps a day.

Quit bad habits
Take this time to kick habits that are doing you more harm than good.

Smoking is a good example. It compromises different systems of your body, especially the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Studies have shown that smokers have a higher chance of post-operative complications compared to non-smokers.

Drinking alcohol regularly is another thing you may want to think about. Just like smoking, alcohol drinking also increases your chances of complications and can even affect the anesthesia.

Check with your doctor about your medications
From prescription medications to your daily vitamin supplements, check with your doctor which ones you can continue taking and which ones you should stop taking temporarily as some drugs can interact with other medications.

There are also drugs that can have an effect on bleeding. Medications such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs are often stopped days before surgery as it can affect the body’s ability to clot.

Make sure you have someone who can drive you home after surgery
If you’re scheduled for a procedure that requires general anesthesia, it’s important that you have someone who can drive you home after surgery.

And if it will likely take a while for you to recover, it’s important to plan your meals ahead of time, how you can move around/do your errands, etc. If possible, have someone who can help you with these, until you’re back on your feet.

Each procedure is different but these simple preparations can make a difference regardless of the surgery you’ll be having.

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