How to recover from surgery for acid refluxThe primary purpose of acid reflux surgery is to treat symptoms. When over-the- counter medications are no longer working and symptoms are negatively impacting your quality of life, it is time to consider surgical treatment. Your Premier Surgical Associates physician will talk with you about your options for treatment depending upon the severity of your condition and your desired outcomes.

Following surgery for acid reflux, you will spend time in the surgical recovery area before being taken to a room. Typically following this procedure, patients can expect to spend one night in the hospital.  Immediately after the procedure, you can expect to feel soreness, which should subside within a week. Prior to discharge, an x-ray will be taken to ensure the success of the procedure and your ability to swallow properly.

While in the hospital, nurses will monitor your condition while counseling on diet restrictions for the weeks ahead during the recovery process. Before discharge you will receive specific guidelines for diet and activity, but you can expect the following:

Diet: You will be allowed to drink water within a few hours post- surgery, progressing to other clear liquids within 24 hours. On the day after surgery you will be introduced to soft foods such as mashed potatoes, soup, milk shakes and baby food. Patients are usually able to return to a normal diet within 2-6 weeks, post procedure

Activity: Generally, patients will be out of work for one to two weeks and be able to return to light duty for another two to three weeks depending on the responsibilities of his/her job. During the hospital stay, you are encouraged to get out of bed and move around to decrease the risk for complications such as pneumonia or blood clots. You should follow specific instructions from your provider about avoiding any strenuous activity such as heavy lifting for about a month. You should also plan to avoid any activities causing increased pressure on the abdomen.

Patients are generally seen by their provider 1-2 weeks after surgery to ensure proper healing and recovery. Additional instructions will be given at that time if needed for any extended diet and activity restrictions.

After surgery most patients report the effective reduction of their acid reflux symptoms. . The procedure has a well documented 90% succuss rate over 10 year period.

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