Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville continually strives to provide the best care for our patient’s needs. We are very happy to be joined by another well-experienced member in our team: our nurse injector and Nurse Practitioner, Caity.

Let’s get to know her better…

Can you tell us about yourself and why did you get into plastic surgery?
“When I was younger, I had skin issues and seeing specialists, specifically dermatologists, really changed my life. They made me more confident in myself and I want to do something like that to other people. I want to help them feel good about themselves, whether to help them with specific skin issues or simply to help them look more youthful and beautiful.”

What’s your educational background?
“I’m a nurse practitioner. I completed my nursing degree at East Tennessee State University. I then spent a year as R.N. in a Children’s E.R. in Knoxville. I love it there! I love working with kids and the energy and constant action in E.R.

I then completed my Master of Science in Nursing program at Vanderbilt University and a year after that, started working in medical practice and did training for injectables.”

What do you enjoy about providing injectables to clients?
“When clients come in and tell us what their problem areas are and then give them the facts and the options they have. I like being able to help enhance their features and give them more confidence. It is always exciting when a patient gets instant gratification from their services and is thrilled with their results. ”

What are the most common issues of clients you’ve encountered?
“The majority of our patients come in seeking improvement of their facial wrinkles, sagging skin, and age-related volume loss. We have younger clients who are looking to have injectable neurotoxins (e.g. Botox) as a way to prevent wrinkles or injectable fillers to enhance their features.

We have older clients as well who are looking for injectables to prevent wrinkles and keep existing ones from getting worse. Fillers for older clients help restore age-related volume loss and can take years off their appearance.”

A lot of younger people are getting injectables. Is it something you would recommend? “Neurotoxins, such as Botox, are a great way for younger patients to get ahead of the aging process and prevent future wrinkling. I think it’s best to start this in the early 20s. Fillers are also great for younger clients, because it gives them added volume to areas they are unhappy with. Fillers give instant gratification and confidence to the younger and older population.”

What’s the difference between neurotoxins and injectables?
“Neurotoxins are basically used to temporarily paralyze muscles. They prevent muscle contractions because it’s these contractions that cause wrinkles. When you prevent that, you’ll get smoother skin and a skin that glows.This wears off so typically, we recommend that patients come in every 3-4 months for maintenance. We want patients to return before all the product has worn off. If they come back before everything is gone, we might not have to inject as much product at each visit.

With fillers and injectables, we use hyaluronic acid gel to fill areas such as around the mouth, cheeks, chin, etc. to give that more youthful look. For older adults, filler placed strategically can restore age-related volume loss and can give a mini ‘facelift’ effect.”

What do clients have to prepare when they’re about to receive a neurotoxin or injectable?
“First, they have to stay hydrated and then avoid aspirin, ibuprofen, and vitamin E as these can make them more prone to bruising. It’s also important to follow our advice regarding what not to do after the procedure. This may include: not touching the treated areas, not laying down for a specific amount of time, and not applying makeup or working out until the next day.”

What can clients expect when they come to Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery?
“They can expect that their needs, concerns, and safety are our priority. We recognize that each person has unique needs so our care is highly individualized. And we provide the best care possible. We treat our patients as family.”

Whether it’s for preventative care or aesthetics, Premier Surgical Plastic Surgery in Knoxville can help. To book an appointment with our Nurse Injector, please call (865) 306-5680 or visit