All of us have the potential to develop hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids develop from the little blood vessels or veins in the anal area that serve as water balloons inside the rectum, helping us control our bowel movements.

When the little veins in your anal area become inflamed or swollen, they are called “hemorrhoids”.

Why hemorrhoids get inflamed or swollen
Hemorrhoids can get inflamed for several reasons. And all of those come down to one thing – increased pressure or straining in those veins.

There are several ways men may experience increased pressure in the anal veins.

One is the bathroom routine.
Staying so much time on the toilet can be a huge trigger. It can strain, inflame, or irritate the connective tissues that keep those little blood vessels in place. The same thing can happen if you’re constantly constipated, experiencing diarrhea, or sitting too long in your car or desk.

Lifting heavy loads at the gym can also cause the hemorrhoids to swell. It’s because when you lift heavy weights, you contract the same set of abdominal muscles that you use when you’re pooping. As a result, you’re also creating stress on the blood vessels in the rectal area.

Aging is another factor that can cause hemorrhoids in men. As we get older, the connective tissues lining the anal canal get weaker. With weakened connective tissues, those little blood vessels can easily bulge when they get irritated or inflamed.

How to lessen your risk of swollen hemorrhoids
If you spend too much time on the toilet, then you have to re-think your bathroom habits.

Make it an express experience, meaning if you’re done, don’t sit for a few more minutes just scrolling your phone. Experts suggest not sitting on the toilet for longer than 15 minutes. Beyond that time frame, you risk aggravating your hemorrhoids.

Diet also plays an important role in preventing swollen hemorrhoids.
Aim for 25 grams of fiber every day from food sources such as beans, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Sufficient hydration is as important as getting enough fiber in your diet.

This combo shortens the transit of your stool in the digestive tract, eliminating the need for straining or sitting too long in the toilet.

Another thing that can help is not delaying when it’s time to go. The longer you wait, the more water is reabsorbed into the colon, making it harder for the stool to pass.

Regular physical activity can also prevent hemorrhoids from getting swollen. The less time you spend sitting, the less pressure you put on your rectal veins. Exercising also does wonders for your digestive tract. It helps the system function more efficiently.

And if you’re working out regularly at the gym, gradually increase your weights or the intensity of your workouts. Don’t go from zero to super heavy loads.

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