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June is Men’s Health Month. This month, men are encouraged to assess their health concerns even if it’s something they may feel embarrassed about. Speaking of that, hemorrhoids is one of those issues that some men feel hesitant to seek help for.

What are hemorrhoids and should men be concerned about them?
Also known as piles, hemorrhoids are a result of swollen and irritated blood vessels in and around the anal and rectal area. Although they can affect both men and women, men tend to be more slightly prone to developing them.

In women, hemorrhoids often develop as a result of changes during pregnancy. As with men, it’s more about lifestyle.

Those who have jobs that involve prolonged sitting and/or heavy lifting are at higher risk of developing hemorrhoids. Men with a low fiber diet, or men who are sedentary and carry extra weight are also more prone to developing hemorrhoids.

Mild hemorrhoids usually do not cause serious issues, but they can be a great source of discomfort (they itch and can be painful). However, for more serious hemorrhoids (those that bleed and cause significant pain), leaving them untreated can lead to more serious health problems.

What are the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids?
Signs and symptoms usually depend on what type of hemorrhoids you have. If you have external hemorrhoids, you may experience itching, pain, swelling around the anal area, and bleeding.

If you have internal hemorrhoids, which lie inside the rectum, you may have painless bleeding if the area is irritated or when strained during bowel movement.

How are hemorrhoids treated?
Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Knoxville, TN offers infrared coagulation (IRC), a minimally invasive hemorrhoid laser treatment that can be completed in about 15 minutes. This procedure uses infrared light as the heat source to cut off blood supply to the hemorrhoids. This causes coagulation of the vessels and hence, the shrinkage of hemorrhoids.

This is a very quick in-office treatment that does not require anesthesia, cutting, or stitching. The good news is that IRC is covered by most insurance plans.

If you or the man in your life is bothered with hemorrhoids, don’t suffer in silence. There are simple treatments that can bring you huge, long term relief.

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