Gallbladder and Acid Reflux Treatment in Knoxville, TN

Gallbladder Problems or Acid Reflux?
You’re experiencing pain in the top portion of your stomach, along with other symptoms, like bloating and tenderness around the abdomen.

Acid reflux and gallbladder issues are two common causes of abdominal pain. The physicians at Premier Surgical share what you need to know about the symptoms and recommended treatment associated with these conditions.

Gallbladder Problems
Your gallbladder is a small sac in the upper right region of your stomach. It stores bile from your liver that assists with food digestion.

When the gallbladder is infected or blocked, this causes gallbladder problems. A gallbladder attack often occurs within a few hours after you have a heavy or greasy meal. Symptoms usually start to ease within an hour after they first appear.

Symptoms associated with gallbladder problems include:
· Pain that spreads from the upper right portion of the abdomen to the right shoulder
· Fever
· Vomiting
· Tenderness around the abdomen
· Jaundice
· Pain that worsens when you breathe

A cholecystectomy is an operation that treats gallbladder problems by removing the gallbladder. Most of the time, you’re allowed to go home on the day of your surgery.

Your doctor may recommend a cholecystectomy to treat gallstones, gallbladder, inflammation, gallbladder polyps, or inflammation of the pancreas that’s caused by gallstones.

Acid Reflux
Acid reflux occurs when your esophageal sphincter doesn’t close properly and allows the contents of your stomach to travel up to the esophagus.

Unlike gallbladder pain, pain caused by acid reflux is usually felt in the center of your chest or below your ribs. Your stomach might feel uncomfortable, but you usually don’t experience excessive pain that spreads to the rest of your body.
Pain and symptoms caused by acid reflux often appear soon after a meal and worsen when you lie down or move around a lot.

Symptoms caused by acid reflux include:
· Burning in the chest
· Chest pain
· Regurgitating sour liquid or food
· Trouble swallowing
· The feeling that you have a lump in your throat

Some people can manage their acid reflux by avoiding foods that trigger their symptoms, like spicy dishes, chocolate, tomatoes, and citrus. Medication can also alleviate acid reflux symptoms.

However, chronic or severe cases of acid reflux are treated with a surgical procedure known as fundoplication. During this operation, your fundus (the top part of your stomach) is folded and sewn around your esophageal sphincter.
This blocks acid so that it’s unable to travel into your esophagus and cause the symptoms associated with acid reflux.
Most patients need to stay in the hospital a day or two after their fundoplication surgery.

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