Peripheral artery disease or hardening of the arteries is a condition that affects many Americans and a lot of our population. It’s a condition that restricts the blood flow to our organs, including our legs, heart, and brain. 

It is estimated that about 10 to 12 Americans suffer from peripheral artery disease. Many of them are asymptomatic. Ten to fifteen percent of our American population over the age of 60, fifteen to twenty percent over the age of 70, and an astounding twenty-five percent over the age of 80 have peripheral artery disease. With this kind of numbers, we can’t ignore the risks of this disease to their lives and their limbs.

How Premier Surgical Associates can help?

Here at Premier Surgical in Knoxville and Cleveland, our team of vascular surgeons works with patients to help them patients avoid complications from peripheral artery disease. 

We treat peripheral artery disease in all its forms. We definitely do workups and check for perfusion on the lower extremities and other organs involved. Whether it’s medical or endovascular therapy, we will help our patients explain it to them so they know exactly what we’re going to do.

Our objective here at Premier Surgical is to restore the blood flow to the lower extremities and make sure that our patients no longer have pain in their daily activities, other symptoms such as ulceration have healed, and their quality of life is restored. 

If the patient needs more than just medical therapy, our surgeons here at Premier are well-equipped to do not just endovascular but also surgical treatments for peripheral artery disease. We make sure that our patients get the best and most advanced treatments available. 

What to do if you think you have the symptoms of PAD?

If you’re having difficulty doing your daily activities, if your legs are cramping when going to the mailbox, or if your legs are cramping going from foot to another, please bring these up to your family doctor or specialist. 

We want to help you. We can perform these tests to find out if you’re one of those Americans who have asymptomatic peripheral artery disease, which may eventually get worse. 

To request an appointment with one of our experienced vascular surgeons, you can call us at (865) 588-8229.