Hemorrhoids and Pregnancy

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Pregnancy can cause a lot of changes to your body. While these changes are signs that your little one is growing inside you, they may cause some unpleasant health issues like hemorrhoids.

What are hemorrhoids?
Also known as piles, hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your anus and lower part of your rectum. They are very common, affecting about three of four adults.

Although they’re rarely life-threatening, they can be a great source of discomfort. They can cause itchiness in the anal region, discomfort, swelling, and in some cases, bleeding.

Do all pregnant women develop hemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are very common among pregnant women (about 50 percent experience them) but not all develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

These swollen veins in the anal and rectal areas usually occur around the second or third trimester. The pressure from the enlarging uterus (which starts around the 25th week), as well as constipation (which could result from the hormonal changes), are the main causes of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Hemorrhoids may also develop after pregnancy as a result of pushing during labor.

What can you do if you have hemorrhoids during pregnancy?
Hemorrhoids may not be a serious medical condition, but they can add to your discomfort. The good news is, there are things you can do to treat the symptoms and keep them from getting worse:

Stay regular
Staying regular is one of the best things you can do to keep your hemorrhoids under control. Make sure you drink plenty of water and have sufficient fiber in your diet.

Keep moving
You may not feel like moving a lot with the added weight but staying active can benefit you.

If you’re given an OK signal from your doctor, continue with safe pregnancy exercises until your due date.

Get a good donut-shaped pillow
If your hemorrhoids make it very uncomfortable for you to sit, a donut-shaped pillow can help ease the pressure.

Take a warm sitz bath
A 10 to 15-minute soak in warm water a couple of times a day can help relieve you from discomfort.

Wipe gently after each bowel movement
It’s important to keep your area down there clean after each bowel movement. However, it’s equally important to do it gently. You can use wipes if toilet paper is too harsh for you.

In many cases, hemorrhoid symptoms resolve after pregnancy. However, if you still have them after giving birth, the Premier Surgical Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Knoxville specializes in IRC (Infrared Coagulation) a gentle, non-invasive laser procedure that eliminates hemorrhoids at the source. IRC is quick, virtually pain-free, and covered by most insurance plans!.

Request an appointment by calling our confidential hemorrhoid hotline at (865) 588-9952 or visiting https://www.premiersurgical.com/hemorrhoid-treatment-appointment-request/.



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