It’s a common problem people seldom talk about, but something that affects at least half the population by age 50: hemorrhoids. And, many people like Sarah of Knoxville, live with hemorrhoids for years or even decades out of fear that the treatment may be a painful, uncomfortable ordeal.

“I had hemorrhoid problems since I was 18, but they didn’t always bother me so I never had them treated,” explains Sarah. “When I traveled or sat for long periods sometimes they’d flare up or bleed, but you know the joke about sitting on a donut pillow after hemorrhoid surgery? I figured the cure was worse than the disease.”

Sarah was surprised and relieved to learn that pain and a difficult recovery is no longer a side effect of hemorrhoid treatment. “Relieved is the right word,” says Sarah. “It was minimally-invasive with no side effects -you don’t have the long recovery.”

1500px CS Mitchell June 2015Sarah’s doctor referred her to Dr. C. Stone Mitchell at the Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Knoxville after she complained of severe pain and itching during a yearly physical exam. “Dr. Mitchell immediately knew what it was – I had a severe yeast infection that combined with the hemorrhoids to create almost unbearable symptoms,” says Sarah.

Dr. Mitchell addressed both issues -treating the infection with an antibiotic cream and alleviating the source of the hemorrhoids with a gentle laser procedure called Infrared Coagulation. Sarah had four hemorrhoid treatments over the next five months.

“The treatments took less than 15 minutes each and the staff worked with my schedule,” explains Sarah. “I liked Dr. Mitchell from the first minute. He is so considerate and cares about your comfort and modesty. He explained what to expect and I had confidence in him.”

Sarah was also pleased that her insurance helped cover the hemorrhoid treatments. “They were good about working with my insurance company –that’s a big plus.”

Sarah says she’s glad she went to the Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center.“Don’t wait – there’s no point in suffering. You won’t find better care than I got there.”

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