A surgery, whether it’s a minor or major one, can bring feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. This is why the physicians of Premier Surgical in Knoxville and Cleveland believe it’s very important to ask questions before undergoing surgery, especially if it’s an elective one (one that you choose to do).

The following are some of the vital questions you have to review with your healthcare provider before surgery:

  • Why is the operation being recommended?

Your healthcare provider should clearly explain why the procedure is recommended.
Surgical procedures are usually done to diagnose a certain condition, improve a certain body function, or prevent or relieve pain.

He/she must be able to explain the steps involved in this procedure and why this certain procedure is favored over others. 


  • Are there other alternatives to this procedure?
    In order to make an informed choice, your physician should clearly explain to you the risks and benefits of doing such a procedure. There are times when ‘watchful waiting’ may be indicated, which means your healthcare provider will monitor your condition. You may still need surgery or if your condition improves, you may have to postpone it.

  • What are the possible complications of the surgery?
    Surgical procedures come with certain risks. Your surgeon will explain to you the possible complications and side effects of the surgery. By doing so, you can weigh the benefits against the risks. This, in turn, can help you make a more informed choice.

  • What type of anesthesia will be administered?
    Local, regional, or general anesthesia may be used in a surgical procedure. Your healthcare provider should be able to tell you what kind of anesthesia will be administered and who will administer it. You may meet the anesthesiologist before undergoing your procedure. This is a great opportunity to ask questions about your anesthesia-related concerns.
  • What is the surgeon’s experience in doing such a procedure?
    You can minimize the risks involved in such surgery if you choose a surgeon who is well-experienced in doing it.
  • What can you expect during the recovery process?
    Ask your surgeon how long will you be hospitalized and what can you expect in days, weeks, and months following surgery. It’s also best to ask about any special equipment or diet you may be placed under. The team at Premier Surgical in Knoxville and Cleveland believes that knowing what to expect beforehand can contribute to a speedy and successful recovery.