Hemorrhoid Treatment OptionsGiven how common hemorrhoids are, affecting about half the population by age 50 according to Dr. Stone Mitchell of Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center, there is a good chance  you’ve spent time looking for information on treating hemorrhoids. Here are 3 things no one tells you about hemorrhoid treatment options.

A lot of common advice about treatment is bad

An unfortunate side effect of common ailments like hemorrhoids is an increased likelihood you’re going to encounter bad advice and misconceptions. Given the location of hemorrhoids, people are embarrassed and often reluctant to discuss their condition. Unfortunately, this can lead to seeking treatment advice from the wrong sources or assuming the best option is the most prevalent—creams.

There are multiple treatment options to consider

Unfortunately, the creams you will find in the average drugstore aisle only help to relieve and mask the symptoms, but do nothing to treat the underlying condition. Thankfully, there are effective hemorrhoid treatment options; you just have to look in the right place. Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center of Knoxville offers non-surgical treatment for hemorrhoids that is both quick and provides lasting relief from hemorrhoids. One non-surgical treatment we love is infrared coagulation, which uses short bursts of warm light to painlessly eliminate the source of a hemorrhoid.  It is performed right in the office with no anesthesia, incisions, or stitches and, even though several treatments are required over the course of a few months, each treatment takes only minutes.

It is well worth visiting a hemorrhoid treatment specialist

There are many perks, but chief among them is seeing a hemorrhoid treatment specialist takes the embarrassment out of the equation. Visiting a specialist also allows you to go in knowing you are seeing a doctor who is familiar with the latest treatment options and is well-equipped to devise the optimal treatment plan for you.  There is no benefit to letting the problem persist and your hemorrhoid treatment specialist will ensure you get the lasting relief from hemorrhoids you deserve.

If you’d like to talk to a specialist about your hemorrhoid treatment options so you can enjoy the lasting relief you deserve, give Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center, the only dedicated hemorrhoid treatment center in Knoxville, a call today at (865) 588-9952 or request an appointment at https://www.premiersurgical.com/hemorrhoid-treatment-appointment-request/. You can enjoy lasting relief from hemorrhoid pain!