Hemorrhoids are very common. In fact, about 15 million Americans have them. Unfortunately, not everyone with hemorrhoids seeks help.  

Feeling Embarrassed with Hemorrhoids

The bleeding, the itchiness, and all other things that come with hemorrhoids are no fun. It’s also no fun admitting to other people that you have them. 

Understanding the Embarrassment

Since we don’t normally talk about things down there, conversations about hemorrhoids can be embarrassing at times. But there are good reasons why you should bring this condition to the attention of  a specialist:

  • It’s important to get a good diagnosis.
    Hemorrhoids can share similar symptoms with other conditions such as colorectal cancer and anal fissures. By talking to a specialist and being examined, you can rule out those more serious conditions.  
  • You can prevent more serious complications from happening.
    Hemorrhoids are not life-threatening, but they can certainly affect your quality of life. The itchiness and bleeding can be a great source of discomfort. Plus, there are certain types of hemorrhoids such as thrombosed hemorrhoids that require medical attention. Ignoring these types of hemorrhoids may only lead to more serious complications.  
  • You’ll know what to expect.
    When you talk to a hemorrhoid specialist, you will be asked about your history and symptoms. You will also be asked how long you’ve had these symptoms. Based on your answers and result of the physical assessment, your doctor can provide you with information on what type of hemorrhoids you have and what works best for them. 

Need help with hemorrhoids but feel embarrassed?

Premier Surgical Hemorrhoid Center of Knoxville is the only dedicated Hemorrhoid Center in East Tennessee. Our experienced specialists will assess your condition and provide you with the most appropriate treatment plan for your hemorrhoids.


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