Did you know September is Healthy Aging Month?

As we age, it is inevitable that we will face life changes – career changes, changes in the household, and physical changes. Health can influence the way you deal with these age-related changes.

Your Health as You Get Older

There are different factors that can influence health as we age. Family history or genetics is one of them. If your family has a history of chronic diseases like high blood pressure or diabetes, you may have a higher chance of inheriting these too.

Another important factor that can impact your health is lifestyle. Diabetes and high blood pressure are conditions that can often be improved by making changes in your lifestyle, specifically with your diet and physical activity.

Living Healthy as You Age

To live a longer, happier life, you have to make a conscious choice to live healthily. Focusing on the following areas can help:

Physical Activity

Staying active keeps your body strong and increases self-confidence. A regular exercise regimen also helps in maintaining a healthy weight, regular bowel movement, strengthening your muscles, and reducing your risk of fractures and orthopedic conditions.

You can reap the benefits of exercise by committing to at least three 30 minute, moderate intensity workouts per week.

If you haven’t been active before, it’s never too late to start. You can start by limiting the amount of time you spend sitting and increasing your time moving around.

Good Nutrition

Many chronic conditions are made worse as a result of a poor diet.

Because of this, it is best to stick to the most basic food rule: eat a variety of nutrient-dense food. While you can still enjoy the food that you love, be careful to monitor portion size and your intake of sugary, fatty food and drinks.


Your body undergoes several changes as you age and this can affect your sleeping patterns. Many older adults complain of having a hard time falling and staying asleep. Sleep is necessary for our bodies to function properly.

Smoking and Substance Abuse

Smoking and substance abuse (specifically alcohol), can have several negative health implications on you as you age.

Smoking and binge drinking alcohol not only increase your risk of lung and liver diseases, but they can also accelerate aging. They can stain teeth, make hair thinner and weaker, and cause the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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