Over half of Americans are affected by hemorrhoids, a condition characterized by the enlargement and swelling of the blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum and the anus.

Hemorrhoids develop as a result of an increase in pressure in the lower abdominal area. Straining at the time of bowel movement, pregnancy, obesity, inflammatory bowel disease, and prolonged sitting can increase one’s risk of having hemorrhoids.

Certain jobs can increase your risk of hemorrhoids. These are jobs that require prolonged periods of sitting and at times, of heavy lifting.

Is Your Job Causing Your Hemorrhoids?

Some of the employment positions that increase the risk include construction workers, receptionists, office clerks, secretaries, truck drivers, and data entry clerks. If your job is in any of these areas, then you shouldn’t worry as there are ways to minimize your risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Take frequent breaks from sitting

Prolonged sitting doesn’t just increase your risk of hemorrhoids, but also of other chronic conditions like heart disease. That’s why health experts recommend taking frequent breaks from sitting especially if your work requires hours of being on your chair. For every hour of sitting, take a few minutes to stand up and stretch. This will help improve your blood flow, make you feel more energized, and decrease your risk of hemorrhoids.

Try ergonomic seating

Ergonomic chairs may cost more than the regular office chairs, but they can be worth your money. Investing on high-quality ergonomic office chairs can often alleviate the pressure on the rectum, and most of them benefit your back as well.

Invest in a standing desk

Unless your job requires you to be on your chair for your entire shift, standing desks can be a good option.

The main difference that makes standing desks different from the usual office desk is that their height can be adjusted, so employees can have the choice to stand or sit whenever they like. These desks can reduce your risk of hemorrhoids and can help in improving your productivity.

Stay hydrated

Hydration is vital in the prevention of hemorrhoids. Staying well-hydrated can keep your circulatory system in good health, reducing the chances of increase pressure in the veins near the rectum and the anus.

Drinking sufficient amount of fluids each day can also prevent constipation. Straining during constipation is a common risk factor in the development of hemorrhoids.

For sufficient hydration, experts recommend drinking about 2 liters of water each day (about eight 8-ounce glasses). Bringing a water bottle with you at work is a good way of reminding yourself to drink sufficient amount of water.

Maintain a healthy diet

Food high in fiber but low in fats and refined carbohydrates can help in keeping your bowel movement regular. The less you strain during your bowel movement, the less risk you have of developing hemorrhoids.

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