Meet Dr. Beierle!

Premier Surgical Cleveland is proud to present the newest member of our physician team – Dr. Shannon Beierle. 

Dr. Beierle is a general surgeon. She treats a variety of conditions, from hernia to cancer. 

Let’s get to know her more. 

What’s your background?

“After graduating from Biometric Engineering at Texas A&M, I went to Texas Tech University for my medical degree. I completed my residency at Knoxville, Tennessee at the University of Tennessee and that’s how I fell in love with East Tennessee and decided to stay.”

Do you have a specialty or is there any area you enjoyed doing?

“I really enjoyed working with cancer patients, especially women. As a wife and mom, I feel like I can connect to them.”

What’s your philosophy in taking care of patients?

“Surgery is just one part of their whole treatment plan. I want to know my patients and where they’re coming from. I want to know their emotional, nutritional state so I can help them get the best possible outcome. 

I’m a Christian so if they want to pray before surgery, I can pray with them.

What drew you to  Premier Surgical Cleveland?

“I was looking for something where I can be a surgeon and a mom. I was also looking for a community and so when I was interviewing for Cleveland, I felt that it suits me.

Cleveland definitely has a small-town feel. People are very friendly and faith-oriented. That’s a big thing for me.”

Premier Surgical Cleveland has a team of four surgeons who are experienced in treating many different diseases and conditions. To request an appointment with Dr. Beierle or one of our other surgeons in Cleveland, call (423) 472-5423 or request an appointment online at


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