Ultrasound Imaging to Help Diagnose Vascular Diseases

The body’s vascular system is comprised of a network of blood vessels which include the arteries, veins, and the lymphatic system. Problems in the vascular system can occur and may lead to a more serious and life-threatening condition when left undiagnosed and untreated.

Premier Surgical in Knoxville has one of the largest vascular labs in the area where we are able to perform any and all vascular ultrasound procedures to diagnose and treat patients as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What is vascular ultrasound?

Vascular ultrasound is a type of diagnostic test use to show blood flow in vessels like the arteries and veins. It uses high-frequency waves to create images of soft tissue structures. Sound waves are transmitted through the tissues being examined, reflecting blood cells moving within the blood vessels. The sound waves are recorded and displayed on a computer screen, helping physicians identify possible blockages in the blood vessels.

What happens during a vascular ultrasound?

Little to no special preparation is required for vascular ultrasound, however, you may want to wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothing on the day of your examination. Once in the ultrasound room, you will have to lie down on a table while the technologist prepares for your examination. Depending on the area to be examined, you may be asked to lie in different positions or disrobe. You may feel some pressure as the wand is moved over your body, but there is no serious discomfort all throughout the procedure.

Why Premier Surgical?

Premier Surgical’s vascular lab has 8 full-time sonographers, 8 full-time ultrasound imagers, and 8 ultrasound rooms devoted specifically to our ultrasound procedures. Most of our patients are seen at the Papermill Drive office, but we have a satellite technologist who spends time throughout the week going out to see patients who are not able to drive to us. Our satellite technologists has satellite ultrasound machines that travel with them. These machines are similar to a laptop and house the software needed for the ultrasound without requiring the big, bulky machine.

Premier Surgical also has a dedicated Vascular Ultrasound Director, Josh Lee, who has worked in vascular ultrasound for 11 years. “We pride ourselves on quality. Quality is one of the most important aspects of what we do. High quality ultrasounds save our patients money and time, “ says Lee. “The technologists in our vascular lab are specifically trained to perform these exams and provide quality education and treatment for the best possible patient outcome.”

Vascular ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive way to diagnose and pinpoint vascular diseases. If you believe you are suffering from a vascular disease, contact Premier Surgical in Knoxville today at 865-588-8229 to request a consultation with one of our vascular experts.