Growing up, she was one of the few girls in her Biology class who actually enjoyed dissecting pigs. “I thought Biology was great and always knew I would do something in science,” explains Deanna Nelson, MD, a vascular surgeon who recently joined Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville.

In college she developed an interest in surgery while working in a General Surgeon’s laboratory. “I discovered that the technical aspect and fast pace of surgery really appealed to me,” says Nelson. “Surgery is so decisive. It’s immediately gratifying to see a problem and be able to fix it.”

Nelson’s fascination with science and medicine deepened as she also worked as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and at an organ bank during her college years. While in medical school at the University of Vermont Medical Center, Nelson was a clinical research coordinator for trial studies involving vascular patients. That experience helped her decide to specialize in vascular surgery.

“Because vascular disease is managed, not cured, you form a relationship with your vascular patients,” explains Nelson. “For me, it’s a good combination of being a surgeon and getting to be the patient’s doctor long term.”

After completing her general surgery residency at the University of Vermont Medical Center and her vascular surgery fellowship at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Nelson is excited to now be part of Premier Surgical Associates in Knoxville. She’s based at Premier’s office at Fort Sanders Regional.

“Knoxville is great and I love the people, the water and mountains here!” Nelson says she’s looking forward to building her vascular surgery practice and most of all, getting to know her patients. “I’m looking forward to having my own patients.

Your vascular patients are your patients for life. You get to know them – you know their sports teams, their kids’ names. It may sound old fashioned, but I like it!”

Dr. Deanna Nelson is now accepting vascular surgery patient referrals. Please call (865) 524-3695 for visit www.premiersurgical.comfor more information about Dr. Nelson and Premier Surgical Vascular Services.