Anal, or rectal skin tags, are very much like skin tags that appear on other parts of the body. As with most skin tags, they are normally harmless and not typically a serious medical issues, but the specialists at the Premier Hemorrhoid Treatment Center in Knoxville want you to know that they can cause hygiene issues, discomfort and can be embarrassing to talk about.


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum and anus. The walls of these veins can sometimes stretch so thin, to the point that they bulge and get irritated. Hemorrhoids can develop for a number of reasons. Some of which include obesity, pregnancy, or constipation. 

Anal Skin Tags

Anal skin tags commonly develop as a result of a previously swollen hemorrhoid. They are usually seen after flare-ups of hemorrhoids, which typically happen during heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, and straining in bowel movement.

Although they are not usually dangerous, if left untreated, anal skin tags can lead to itching, irritability, and pain, especially when subjected to friction.

Stop Living with Discomfort!

Don’t let uncomfortable hemorrhoidal skin tags be a cause of discomfort or humiliation. You don’t have to live with them! Most anal skin tags are attached to a small internal hemorrhoid that can be eliminated with a small laser that exposes the area to short bursts of warm light, causing it to shrink and recede. At Premier Surgical Associate’s Hemorrhoid Center in Knoxville, they can be treated in office in as little as 10 minutes, and it’s covered by most insurance plans.

If you’re tired of living with anal skin tags, call our office at (865) 588-9952, or request an appointment online with our dedicated Hemorrhoid Specialist today.