Anal skin tags are very common. They are small bumps in the anal area. They can be sensitive to touch but rarely cause pain. 

What causes anal skin tags?

We rarely notice it but the skin around our anal area is looser compared to the skin on other parts of our body. This is for a certain purpose. 

When we move our bowels, the skin in the anal area has to expand in order for stool to pass. Normally, the skin ‘shrinks’ back after a bowel movement. However, if one has an enlarged or swollen blood vessel in the area, this extra skin may lead to the formation of anal skin tags. 

Blood vessels in the anal area usually get swollen or enlarged as a result of:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Straining from constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • Pregnancy 

How are anal skin tags diagnosed?

Anal skin tags may be benign but it’s best to see a doctor to confirm it. 

Bumps in the anal area could also be a result of a tumor or blood clots.

To make a diagnosis, the doctor will conduct a physical exam. This often comprises of a visual exam on the anus to check for signs of anal skin tags. In some cases, one may also perform a rectal exam to feel for masses or bulges.

If additional information is needed to confirm the diagnosis, the doctor may also recommend anoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, procedures that would look inside the anal opening and rectum. These procedures are used to rule out other conditions such as cancer.

Can anal skin tags be removed?

Yes, anal skin tags can be removed.

It’s a very easy and simple in-office procedure. A local anesthetic agent will be used to numb the area before the doctor removes the skin tag using a scalpel and stitch or close the incision.

Who are more prone to developing anal skin tags?

People with Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory conditions are more prone to developing anal skin tags. 

Having hemorrhoids can also put you at risk for developing anal skin tags. 

If your hemorrhoids are causing you anal skin tags, pain, and discomfort, then you may want to look into options for getting rid of them. 

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