Hemorrhoids can be a nuisance and literally a pain in the rear. Fortunately, there are now different ways to treat them. One of the most popular ones is infrared coagulation.

What is Infrared Coagulation?

Infrared coagulation, or IFC, is a medical procedure usually recommended for patients with small to medium-sized internal hemorrhoids (the type of hemorrhoids that can be found deep inside the rectum).

A lot of patients preferr infrared coagulation over other methods because it’s safe, well-tolerated, and virtually problem-free.

What to Expect During IFC

Usually performed in a doctor’s office, infrared coagulation is done using a probe or device that creates an intense beam of infrared light. The heat from the device causes a scar tissue to form, cutting off the blood supply to the hemorrhoid. This eventually leads to the shrinking and death of the hemorrhoid.

The procedure also results in the formation of scar tissue on the wall of the anal canal, which helps in holding the nearby veins in place so they don’t bulge. Only one hemorrhoid can be treated at a time. Other hemorrhoids are usually treated in a 10 to 14 day interval.

What to Expect After IFC

There can be a mild discomfort and feeling of fullness after the procedure.  These usually go away a few days after the procedure. It’s normal to have a small amount of bleeding in the anal area about a week after infrared coagulation. This happens when the hemorrhoid falls off.

While you’re recovering, it’s recommended to avoid lifting heavy objects or straining during bowel movements. To prevent complications and for faster recovery, it is best to give yourself ample time to rest, take regular walks (start small and gradually increase your distance), and have a diet high in fiber.

Taking sitz baths for 15 to 20 minutes a day after bowel movements can help relieve the discomfort. You may also apply cold compress on the operated site and/or take over-the-counter pain meds if the discomfort is intolerable.

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