From Fort Sanders Regional Health & Lifestyles

Ana K. Wilson, DO, MS, has joined Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center’s surgical oncology program. She is board-certified in general surgery with special fellowship training in complex general surgery and surgical oncology.

In her role at Fort Sanders Regional, Dr. Wilson will join surgical oncologists Gregory P. Midis, MD, and David Roife, MD, of Premier Surgical Associates to provide exceptional care to their surgical oncology patients. In addition to providing excellent care, Dr. Wilson brings a unique perspective to the program.

“My areas of interest are breast, endocrine and skin cancers,” Dr. Wilson said. “I initially wanted to go into surgical oncology because it is so diverse, and I really enjoyed the idea of having a long-term relationship with my patients. During my training, I didn’t see myself focusing on melanoma and breast research, but the more I learned about it the more interested I became.”

Dr. Wilson is passionate about her patients and truly believes in a team approach to care.

“Patient autonomy is really important to me,” she said. “I’m on their side and we’ll work together as a team. A lot of cancer treatments, especially for breast cancer, can be personalized, and we can find the best treatment that works specifically for them.”

Dr. Wilson went to medical school in Fort Worth, Texas, before completing residency training at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore. She also completed two fellowships – one clinical research fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore and one complex general and surgical oncology fellowship at John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, California.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Wilson, please call (865) 524-3695.