We at Premier Surgical Associates are pleased to let our patients and potential patients know about the extensive experience and excellent qualifications of our surgeons.

All of our surgeons are certified by the American Board of Surgery (ABS), meaning that they have achieved the highest level of certification in the areas they treat.

Recently, we accomplished some “firsts” that are earmarks of our focus on expertise and quality of care. We:

  • Had the first Knoxville-area surgeon to perform single-site laparoscopic (SSL) surgery for gastric banding, another minimally invasive procedure that helps bariatric patients recover more quickly from weight loss surgery; and
  • Performed the first robotically assisted gastric bypass surgery in East Tennessee.

In later “Premier Edge” posts, I’ll be giving you more detail about how these advances are a great benefit to patients and great examples of the medical leadership of our surgeons and staff.

The physicians and staff of Premier Surgical Associates look forward to sharing many more “firsts” with you.