Going through surgery is stressful enough. And you definitely don’t want more stress from multiple surgery bills while you’re recovering from it.

This is the reason why the physicians of  Premier Surgical Associates of Knoxville have developed an all-inclusive, cash-pay package for several common procedures including gallbladder removal and hernia repair. 

These surgical packages are ideal for self-paying patients with either no insurance or those with a high insurance deductible. 

How does it work?


Step 1. Visit www.premiersurgerypackages.com to choose a procedure and review our price menu. Our surgical packages are available for a variety of general, vascular, and skin-related surgeries.  

The upfront amount you’ll pay for these packages covers the fees for the facility, surgeon, anesthesia, supplies, and appointments before and after surgery. 

We create these packages to avoid surgery ‘sticker shock.’ You know before surgery how much your procedure will cost. 


Step 2. Choose a surgeon

Choose a surgeon from our roster of board-certified, experienced general and vascular and surgeons. 


Step 3. Request an appointment with your surgeon

After you select your procedure and surgeon, you’ll fill out a consultation request form that includes your contact information and a few questions about your medical history.

Not every patient qualifies for surgery in Premier’s facilities. If, based on your surgeon’s evaluation, a hospital setting is required, we will help in planning for surgery with a hospital facility. 

All procedures are cash-priced and are performed in outpatient in one of our Premier Surgical offices or at the certified and accredited Premier Surgical Surgery Center located at 6408 Papermill Drive in Knoxville.


For a list of available procedures and a price menu, visit www.premiersurgerypackages.com today!